Business Broadband Accelerated (BB-X)

BB-X is an end-to-end business broadband access service that is enhanced through content management and transmission optimisation technology. The BB-X service provides small-tomedium enterprises the ideal satellite access for broadband, cloud and IP telephony services.

The access solution eliminates the classical cost-performance constraint of satellite technologies and offers the SME market a completely new paradigm in performance and cost value. The solution was specifically developed to address the budget constraints of SMEs and to unlock the value of true high-speed and uncapped broadband access services.


Acceleration & Optimisation
The BB-X service includes satellite bandwidth optimization and performance enhancement technologies. All TCP protocols get accelerated including SMTP, FTP, POP and IMAP. Data is compressed using the best algorithm available over each connection bi-directionally.

Data Compression
Users gain the full benefit of protocol spoofing and acceleration as well as data stream compression in both the upstream and downstream directions. This is useful for sites that may be moving content upstream or sites that require the absolute maximum capacity from a VSAT link.

Content Management
The BB-X service is specifically defined and optimised to provide the best business broadband service and implements content management policies to ensure the priority of business content. Telephony, outbound email and corporate data are prioritised to ensure optimum delivery via the satellite link.

More User Advantages

  • An affordable VSAT service for small-tomedium business
  • Uncapped Internet Access Services
  • High performance – up to 1Mbps / 4Mbps user experience
  • Integrated Internet Proxy Cache and Content Filtering
  • Traffic prioritisation and QoS services
  • Total control & management by local NOC


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