High-Capacity, High Availability (H-2) Satellite Service

Reliable and dependable access to the internet and corporate data networks is non negotiable for all mining, industrial and enterprise operations. To ensure communications are not compromised most organizations deploy extensive terrestrial networks using dual redundant fiber access circuits and advanced MPLS network infrastructure.

The question is? What do you do when fiber access is not possible? When you are located at a remote location in Africa? Or on a moving vessel? For these applications Q-KON has engineerd a specific high-capacity, high-availability satellite access service. The H-2, high-capacity and high-availability satellite access service from Q-KON provides the following user benefits and advantages:

Benefits & Advantages

High Availability
Satellite access service is known to be extremely reliable and offers enterprise customers the ultimate in network availability.

High Capacity
Satellite access circuits can be fully scalable to meet requirements from entry operations to full production sites. With capabilities up to and beyond 10Mbps the high-capacity service is well positioned to service the demands of all operations in Africa.

Satellite Redundancy Option
Given Q-KON’s extensive satellite access service customers can be provided with an option that includes services on a redundant satellite and teleport infrastructure. This will ensure full operation even in the extreme scenario of a satellite or teleport failure.

Equipment Reliability
This specific solution is engineerd to use fully redundant remote terminal equipment that is configured with auto-failover facilities to ensure maximum service reliability.

End-to-end Service
The Q-KON H-2 service is integrated with a full turn-key equipment service and support contract that provides in-country on-the-ground field engineering services. This benefit ensures end-users an on-going service inclusive of all support and maintenance cost.

Proactive Out-of-band Monitoring
All services are integrated with Q-KON’s advanced remote site monitoring solution that provides real-time status to a central control room of all equipment critical health parameters through an additional out-of-band signal path.

Management Reporting
Customers are provided with monthly management reports with detail availability and reliability levels. The reports include data usage statistics with content analyses and user pattern profiles.

Equipment Warranty
All services are underwritten with an extensive equipment warranty to eliminate any unexpected maintenance cost items and ensure that full service life-cycle costs are defined at the time of contracting.


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