Our Story

  • November 1988

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Q-KON was formed as a special projects joint venture between Megkon and Q-DATA to provide system engineering services to the defence industry.

  • 1990

    New beginning

    In 1990 Q-KON moved into the commercial two-way radio industry and providing trusted communications to industrial and emergency operations.

  • 1993 to 1998

    Hardware development

    From voice radio we added data radio, and development of specialist data radio solutions and hardware models. Focusing on providing unique solutions and creating value by integration of our data radio modules, we supplied many 9600kbps data radio networks. Our achievements were also recognised by receiving the SABS design award in 1997.

  • 1995

    Wireless LAN Solutions

    From data radio, Q-KON moved on to wireless LAN solutions and implemented a number of world-firsts. We did the 1st long distance point-to-point link and we did the 1st underground WiFi network. We supplied more than 1000 links and many metropolitan networks.

  • 2000

    North into Africa

    Driven by a strategy to earn USD-based revenue, Q-KON started doing microwave projects in Africa. We were working in Burundi, Rwanda, Togo, Zambia etc., and by 2005 we completed projects in 8 African countries.

  • 2002

    From Projects to Satellite Services

    Driven by a need to secure USD recurring income, Q-KON entered the satellite IP access market, and we were the team that tested the 1st IP-over-satellite link. Today we have installed 1000's of remote sites and operated more than a dozen platforms on 3 continents.

  • 2005

    Q-KON South Africa

    In 2005 we formed Q-KON South Africa to focus on the South African market. The business started with a focus on VoIP solutions and we very successfully represented Quintum which today is Sonus and whom we still distribute.

  • 2010


    In 2010 the regulations in South Africa changed and we developed the 1st large scale satellite broadband platform as well as a specialist corporate network solution. Part of this effort included setting up SkyeVine, a joint venture with Ellies to drive broadband access in South Africa.

  • Today

    Specialist Networks and Solutions

    Today Q-KON supplies and operates various specialist networks and solutions throughout Africa. This includes the biggest privately operated satellite network for FNB, to connect and service more than 2500 branches, ATMs and point-of-sale points.

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