Business Continuity with C-Band Standby Service

The Q-KON business continuity service provides the perfect solution between the high capacity advantages of fiber access services and the exceptional reliability offered by satellite access services. Combining the reliability and dependability of satellite access services with innovative billing models allow corporations in Africa to utilize satellite access services for disaster recovery solutions.

In particular the satellite standby service offers enterprise customers the following:


Business Continuity
A secondary satellite access service provides the ideal back-up or standby service option to fiber access services in remote locations.

Fully provisioned and ready to carry traffic at any moment the satellite access circuit forms an immediate redundancy circuit for business critical operations.

Satellite access services are known for exceptional high availability and reliability even in harsh environments.

When using the correct remote terminal equipment the satellite access circuit can seamless scale from an entry level to medium level data rates.

Satellite access circuits provide the perfect solution to ensure connectivity from any location directly to the international access networks. Being fully independent from local and regional infrastructure, satellite circuits are not prone to any regional risks or network failures.

The Q-KON satellite access service is supported by a “pay-per-use” business model that ensure that customers have the full benefit and advantages of redundant satellite access services without the fixed monthly costs.

Different billing model options are available that include a fixed monthly retainer cost element plus usage charges should the circuit be used during the month.

Scalable Equipment
The standby access circuits can be implemented with cost effective 1.8m terminal equipment or larger 2.4m systems depending on the customer requirements.

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