Sonus Networks

Sonus is a leader in IP networking with proven expertise in delivering secure, reliable and scalable next-generation infrastructure and subscriber solutions.

Your Distributor for Africa since 2002

Q-KON (1989), and later Q-KON SA (2005) has been the proud distributor of the NET (now Sonus) products since 2002.

We offer a huge stock holding of the Tenor and SBC product series. For us, support is a serious business, and a specific focus team ensures our support team has the resources and training to deliver. Our certified engineers are eager to provide you with pre-sales support, TAC support, or engineering support with your interop tests.

Our offering also includes free POC units, a nationwide installation capability, maintenance units, and custom SLA’s. Q-KON SA is the only Certified Repair centre in Africa, thus we can repair or upgrade your units locally at cost effective rates.

We offer certified training courses on the complete product range.

The broadest range of solutions and configurations

The Sonus product series offers solutions ranging from 2 to 48 analog ports, FXS and FXO, FXS only, and FXO only options. From 1 to 32 E1 spans and 2, 4 or 8 BRI ports, as well as Session Border Controllers, and a Remote Management Session Server for easy management of remote Tenors, even those behind NAT firewalls. The SBC and VX products are available for Microsoft Lync deployments as Enhanced Gateways or Survivable Branch Appliances (SBA’s).


Gateways for Microsoft Lync/Skype

The Tenor product series are a cost effective Basic Gateway for Lync deployments. The SBC product series, consisting of the SBC1000 and SBC2000 series, are used as Enhanced Gateways or SBA’s.

The SBC1000 is a Microsoft qualified Enhanced Gateway or SBA for the small to medium branch office. It ensures that the Lync Server will operate at a high level of security and quality in branch offices during WAN failures.

The SBC1000 offers true “any-to-any” signaling translation and media interworking between Lync and legacy analog, TDM clients and PSTN endpoints. The SBC1000 can simultaneously connect to legacy TDM PBXs and the PSTN through 2xPRI ports. Alongside the PRI ports, up to 24FXS/FXO ports are available for analog phones, faxes, and the PSTN. BRI ports are also supported, and may exist alongside the FXS, FXO, and PRI ports to provide complete analog/TDM device integration into a branch office’s Lync topology.

In parallel, the SBC1000 also interconnects IP-based endpoints (i.e. IP-PBXs, non-Lync SIP clients) and public VoIP networks (e.g. ITSPs) to the Lync clients. And, with NET’s optional SmartSIP application, there’s no need to replace your legacy non-Lync SIP clients; the SBC1000 can report non-Lync SIP client user states (e.g. presence, user busy, etc.) to Lync clients.

Like the SBC1000, the SBC2000 is also a Microsoft qualified Enhanced Gateway or SBA for Lync, however the SBC2000 is architected to meet the demands of medium to large branch offices. The appliance can scale to up to 1000 users and the design flexibility allows for future growth in terms of both the number of users as well as the number of applications in future. The modular architecture is designed to support the field upgrade of the TDM cards and DSP capacity to facility future growth at the branch. The current generation Intel Core i7 based CPU has enough processing power to host third party applications simultaneously.


The performance you want

The installation simplicity you need

Sonus switches snap right into place in any environment. They inter-operate with, and are fully transparent to all types of traditional and IP-based PBXs. They utilize existing voice and data infrastructure, and they support any type of dial plan. The switches also support analog fax machines, conventional paging systems, and other types of existing infrastructure. Their unique features enable businesses to make the move to VoIP without costly overhauls or equipment re-configurations.

Intelligent call routing.  Smart flexibility.

Featuring complete, intelligent call management functions, Sonus solutions support both integrated circuit switching and VoIP calls in a single device – and allow calls to be switched between either circuit or VoIP ports. This unmatched flexibility allows for a full range of call functions – including network “hop-on” and “hop-off,” analog connection to 911 emergency services, and transparent access to third-party resources such as outsourced contact centers and IVR/voice self-service systems.

Efficient bandwidth utilization

Sonus’s PacketSaver™ Technology “multiplexes” VoIP packets heading along the same network route – delivering bandwidth savings of up to 57%. This bandwidth savings is especially important for supporting remote offices using thin WAN connections – as well as for service providers supporting massive volumes of VoIP traffic.

Auto Provisioning

This interface allows the Tenor solution to be deployed worldwide, and configured automatically by acquiring the configuration information from a central server, upon installation. The same auto-provisioning capability allows the Tenor to be configured from a VoIP application, thus supporting a single user interface between the VoIP application and he Tenor configuration.


The Survivable Tenor delivers maximum survivability, including PSTN back-up of all circuit-based telephony equipment. The Tenor S also features built-in SIP proxy technology so remote offices can continue to operate even if their connection to a central SIP session controller is lost. That means IP phones can keep working regardless of what happens on the network. Combined with their unique PSTN failover capabilities, this feature makes Tenor S switches the most survivable solutions on the market.

Any to Any Connectivity

Sonus has developed a Unified Communications Proxy (UCP) to address today’s hybrid communications environments. Initially developed to support Microsoft Lync deployments, the UCP supports the intelligent integration of all TDM and VoIP equipment, offering unmatched flexibility for today's complex voice networks.

The UCP capability in the Tenor provides intelligent “any to any” MultiPath switching between VoIP and TDM networks, including SIP to SIP calls, TDM to TDM calls and SIP to TDM calls… hence, ‘any to any’ connectivity!

This capability simplifies the deployment of new VoIP applications such as Unified Communications, assuring easy integration with any existing voice network element (TDM or SIP) and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This flexibility also benefits VoIP service providers by providing a flexible customer premises gateway that can interface to all existing business voice network elements including SIP, TDM or both.

Full Remote Manageability

Sonus provides complete configuration and management tools that enable you to provide fast, effective support – even when devices are located behind NAT firewalls. Tenor switches allow you to quickly perform essential management tasks remotely, and use your technical support resources more efficiently – allowing you to better ensure end-user/customer satisfaction.

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