IBS - Internet Broadband Service

The Internet Broadband Service - satellite access service is a point-to-multi-point access service that provides two-way satellite access circuits from a on-premise earth station at the customer site to the Teleport facility in Washington, USA.  Interconnection from the remote site to the Teleport is via an Intelsat 905 satellite. From the Teleport the access circuit is connected to a 1st Tier internet backbone.

Satellite Coverage

IS905 provides circular C-Band satellite communication services over Sub-Saharan Africa.

The satellite is positioned at 25.5° West longitude and is currently in service. The IBS platform has been optimally designed to deliver maximum throughput with the smallest possible and most affordable VSAT remote site equipment.

Key Benefits

An affordable VSAT service for consumers, small, medium and large business:

  • Uncapped Internet Access Services
  • High performance – various bandwidth options available
  • Traffic prioritisation and QoS services
  • Total control & management by local NOC
  • Quick deployment and relocation as needed
  • Highest service availability - no cable theft problems
  • Static Public IP addresses are provided
  • Includes provision for VoIP channels (G.729a) with QoS
  • Deterministic MF-TDMA / DVB-S2 technology which is ideal for maximum throughput and minimum latency
  • Adaptive Coding &Modulation as well as Automatic Uplink Power Control as countermeasures for terrestrial conditions and interference



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