Solution Overview

que-Skye uses a state-of-the-art remote terminal unit to provide a connection to the Internet via a Satellite Teleport in Midrand, South Africa. Its compact form provides an Ethernet interface to a PC, LAN switch or router with unshaped data rates of 4096 Kbps into the terminal and 256 Kbps from the terminal.

The service is intended to fill the coverage gaps left by other technologies, such as 3G and ADSL. It is designed as a pre-paid, usage based model suitable for consumers and small enterprises that want to leverage off broadband access, cloud services and IP telephony services.

The access solution eliminates the classical cost-performance constraint of satellite technologies and offers the market a completely new paradigm in performance and cost value. que-Skye utilises the Ku-band services of the Intelsat New Dawn satellite situated at 33° E.

Key Benefits

  • Affordable Prepaid Internet for consumers/small business no contracts
  • Capped Internet Access Service
  • High performance bandwidth - 256Kbps / 4Mbps, unshaped
  • Quick deployment and relocation as needed
  • Deployment anywhere - No 7km last mile limitation as with ADSL
  • Highest available service - no cable theft problems
  • Designed for data, voice and video traffic
  • Management by local NOC in Centurion

Service Description

que-Skye is a pre-paid service charged as a monthly utilisation fee which includes a base data usage package of 1GB, 3GB, 5GB or 10GB. Once the monthly base data usage has been utilised, additional 1GB data top-ups can be procured for a set fee. The usage rate of this top-up will depend on the type of traffic and the time of day/night. Email and web browsing rates are the same throughout the 24 hour period, whereas bulk transfers, gaming, peer-to-peer and social networking traffic consume data at premium rates during business hours and discounted rates during non-business hours.

Furthermore, real-time communications, tunneling, network storage and other traffic attracts higher rates during business hours and at the same rate as email and browsing after business hours.

The terminal hardware is procured up front with the installation fee, which varies according to the site location and the nature of the installation.



8 Pieter Street Technopark, Centurion 0169
+27 12 665 0052