que-X Business Satellite Access Service

The que-X satellite access service is a point-to-multipoint access service that provides a dedicated two-way communication circuit from an on-premise earth station at the customer site to the Teleport facility in Midrand, South Africa.  Interconnection from the remote site to the Teleport is via either Hellas-Sat 2 (Ku-Band) or AMOS-5 (C-Band) satellites. From the Teleport, the access circuit is connected to the customer’s hosted equipment in the Tier 4 Data Center or back-hauled to the customer’s SA premises via terrestrial links.

The que-X satellite network solution is a star-network that provides seamless end-to-end IP connectivity from any location in Africa directly to the Teleport in Midrand, South Africa. Customer Head Office networks can be integrated to the remote office through a secure MPLS architecture.

Satellite Coverage

Hellas-Sat 2 provides Linear Ku-Band satellite communication services over Southern Africa.
The satellite is positioned at 39° East longitude and accommodates 30 x 36MHz Ku-Band transponders.
The satellite is currently in service since May 2003 and has an expected service life of 15 years.

AMOS-5 provides Circular C-Band satellite communication services over Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The satellite is positioned at 17° East longitude and accommodates 4x 36MHz and 14x 72MHz C-Band transponders. The satellite was launched in December 2011 with an expected service life of 15 years.



Key Benefits

  • An affordable VSAT service for small, medium and large businesses
  • Africa wide coverage
  • Satellite Access now available at Teraco
  • Uncapped Internet Access Services
  • High performance various bandwidth options available
  • Guarenteed VOICE
  • Traffic prioritisation and QoS services
  • Total control & management by local NOC
  • Quick deployment and relocation as needed
  • Deployment anywhere - no 7km last mile limitation as with ADSL
  • Highest service availability - no cable theft problems
  • Static Public IP addresses are provided
  • Includes provision for VoIP channels (G.729a) with QoS
  • Deterministic MF-TDMA/DVB-S2 technology which is ideal for maximum throughput and minimum latency
  • Adaptive Coding &Modulation as well as Automatic Uplink Power Control as countermeasures for terrestrial conditions and interference


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