Private Satellite Networks

One of Q-KON’s core competencies is the engineering skills and system design capability to conceptualise turnkey customer specific satellite (VSAT) networks. We divide our satellite offerings into Satellite Access Services and Private Networks.

Satellite Access Services is based on an established teleport infrastructure, that allow any remote customer, game lodge, or border post with connectivity to a 1st Tier Internet backbone, by just implementing a remote VSAT terminal.

We provide various Satellite Access Service options, e.g. que-X, que-Skye and IBS each one providing a solution to a different set of requirements, e.g. a different coverage footprint, a different market, contract based or not, Ku- or C-band.

Private Networks are designed and implemented for a specific customer for a specific requirement.


Applications for a Private VSAT Network

A private or regional VSAT network consists of the hub, the space segment, and the remote equipment.   A private VSAT network is an ideal solution to implement in the following typical applications:

  • National Data Networks - The network provides effective “always-on” connectivity for banking, government, private industry and long distance education. The connectivity bandwidth can be determined by each specific customer network requirements and specific data communication requirements such as VPN can be implemented.
  • IP Telephony Services - IP telephony services can be provided between remote offices, and with an optional billing platform to the national carriers as well as international destinations.
  • Internet Distribution - The regional VSAT network can be used to distribute Internet access services from the central station (hub) to the remote locations.
  • Customer Specific Services - The network can provide dedicated high bandwidth options, that includes the provisioning of Ku or C-band space segment services as required to provide the required connectivity.


Key Considerations for a Private VSAT Network

The customer implementing the Private Network enjoys the following advantages:

  • Simplified Operation. The same infrastructure to support at all the remote sites – no mixture of ADSL, 3G, or wireless.
  • Not limited to a SLA (adequate or not) that the telco/service provider offers - you decide on the SLA you need.
  • No dependence on any terrestrial network – just a VSAT terminal at the remote, and the VSAT hub at the HQ/regional office – nothing in between that can go wrong, no landlord problems, no cable theft, no interference, no repeater power problems.
  • No need for internal VSAT capability – the operation, support & maintenance can be outsourced to Q-KON.
  • Bandwidth management between remotes under your control. You can change it as the business needs changes, either temporary or long term.
  • Add a VOIP capability and enjoy free voice calls between branches.
  • Add the most cost effective disaster recovery option to your network.
  • Scalable – add capacity or sites as business grows.



Network Support

For every network we implement, a team of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level RF engineers with GVF and vendor specific training and qualifications provide network maintenance and support services.

From the Q-KON Network Operation Centre (NOC) we can provide:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • 8/5 Telephone and e-mail support
  • After hours standby support
  • Trouble ticketing systems
  • Management / Service reports
  • Coordination for on-site support
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