Wireless Network Solutions

Delivering the impossible

In the Wireless network solution landscape “High-data rates” and “Long-distance coverage” are user requirements that are opposites. Solutions that offer high-data rates have limited signal coverage and long-range wireless networks have limited data rates. This is partly due to the science of radio wave technologies and partly due to the historic evolution of the Wireless regulatory landscape.

Through unique integration of different industry technologies and rewriting the rules of history; Q-KON can offer Wireless network solutions that eliminate the constraint placed on current solutions through the historical development of the Wireless network industries.

Examples are:

Non-line-of-sight 28MBps solutions - Integrating UHF broadcast radio technology with data cable network modem technology; enable Q-KON to design and develop the very first non-line-of-sight-long-range high-data rate solution.

Wi-Fi through tunnels - The need for ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage in the mining industry necessitated Q-KON to design a unique solution that ingrates standard Wi-Fi technology with Satellite antenna principles to design a solution for radiating Wi-Fi services through mining tunnels.

Solution Overview

Q-KON offers an extensive Wireless network solution portfolio that has been developed over more than 20 years of integrating technology, market landscape and business requirements.

Our range of solutions provide services for:

IP Data Backhaul

  • Corporate Private Networks
  • Metro Wi-Fi Networks
  • Video Surveillance
  • Cellular, 3G and WiMAX Operators

High Bandwidth Campus Solutions

Temporary and Emergency Systems

Multiple Backhaul Solutions

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