Why Q-KON?


Q-KON represents worldleading technology manufacturers and applies these competitive products to develop and implement unique value propositions for the African market.

We are focused in applying technology to unlock specific competitive advantages for our customers and to ensure their long-term growth in the African market.


Q-KON has a proven track record of providing services on time and in budget. We can do this through applying the the value of the expertise and experience we gained in the African market. Our expertise extends the capability of our customers and partners and saves them time and money by consistently staffing top notch professionals that understands the technology and business landscape.


As the number one distributor of the NET product and being the preferred partner for our other manufacturers; Q-KON has clearly demonstrated our capability to distribute and support specialist products.

As a satellite network operator we operate more than 1000Mbps from 6 Teleports over 8 satellites using 7 different technologies and supporting services to over a 1000 remote sites, combined with engineering expertise.

As a wireless system engineering partner we have designed and installed more than one million km of wireless networks throughout South Africa and Africa.


Q-KON believes that technology in itself is meaningless. What underpins everything we do is our goal to harness technology to open new markets, improve quality of life, uplift society and create true value for our partners; and to secure the long-term prosperity of our people.

We believe that honesty and integrity are the principle cornerstones of any long term relationship. These values have guided all our business decisions over the past 20 years and will continue to be the principles in every future engagement; and every relationship with customers, partners, suppliers and the Q-KON team.

8 Pieter Street Technopark, Centurion 0169
+27 12 665 0052